What does the world expect from us? And in that context, what should we create as Industrial Designers? 
— Valeria Loera, Co Founder of C37.

Inspired by technology, science & the near future C37 was founded in 2014 by Carolina Cantú Sepulveda and Valeria Loera, led next to their partners Lucia Garcia and Yamile de la Garza with the intention of building the company of their dreams. Considering the philosophy of multidisciplinary studios through history, such as The Bauhaus & The Andy Warhol Factory, plus the working culture & business growth of IDEO, Google and Netflix an idea happened:

What if as a Studio, instead of focusing on product design, we focus on material design?
— Carolina Cantú, Co Founder of C37.

C37 is the first Latinoamerican studio specialized in research and development of alternative materials connecting industrial design with science and engineering fields. It focuses on challenging existing materials in order to discover new manufacturing opportunities.

In the Industrial Design context creativity and talent abounds, but the main barrier isn’t the lack of ideas but the the lack of materials and technologies to make them happen. Adjusting to the properties of a
material is a vital activity in the production stage of a designer. In the last 50 years the materials available in the industry have not evolved from wood, metals, polymers and ceramics, as a result of the national and international resources.

Research and development from a production and design perspective should be not only be the most important thing to do, but the only thing to in this era.
— Carolina Cantú, Co Founder of C37. 

C37 encourages transnational corporations to recycle and reinterpret their waste materials in order to transform them into new materials available for the industry. C37 is building a world where materials respond and adapted to technical, productive and aesthetic needs, reinventing the role of the designer in the industry as a supplier rather than a creative.