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Creating the future by dissolving the lines between design, engineering & manufacturing C37, was founded in 2014 by Carolina Cantú Sepulveda and Valeria Loera, led next to their partners Lucia Garcia and Yamile de la Garza with the intention of building a preventive design company through advanced materials that replace and outperform common materials in order to optimize resources and improve production processes and ambiental impact. Following future forward thinkers such as Alan Kay, considering multidisciplinary companies and the working culture of IDEO, Google and Netflix an idea happened:

What if our ideas stopped adapting to material properties and instead, we create a world where materials could adapt to our ideas, context and needs?

C37 focuses on discovering new manufacturing opportunities as the first Latin American company specialized in the research and development of advanced materials which have superior properties than conventional ones, this materials can outperform them in terms of their applications and production processes.

IMPROVED ceramics, glasses, polymers, composites, metals & alloys.

As climate change statistics are continuously rising, there's growing pressure from all areas - consumers, businesses, and governments - to search for more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. This as an opportunity for advanced materials as a promising technology transforming the global manufacturing industry, especially in its replacement of plastics and metals with improved ceramics and composites in high-performance applications.

C37 encourages transnational corporations to recycle and reinterpret their waste materials in order to transform them into advanced materials for the industry.