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Magma 04 Liquid Stone

C37 (Material Development)
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Magma is a composite used as a decorative material in a variety of applications in architecture, interior, furniture, accessories, fashion and others. MAGMA 04 is distinguished for being identical in appearance and texture to basaltic stone. Its liquid origin allows the realization of any design. It is produced by casting and can be manipulated with usual tools for metals and some tools for wood.  MAGMA 04 is a material produced by C37 Material Development Studio.

MAGMA 04 is a material for solid surfaces, highly porous and heterogeneous, compound of 20% polymer and 80% natural minerals. To gain more information about the composition of the material consult local distributors.

services and products


We offer a holistic production service with MAGMA 04 from prototype making to product. We can assist you in the design process and create your model, cast and products. We reduce production errors by ensuring precise detailing & professional quality. 


Our MAGMA Panels opens new possibilities to designers and architechts by reducing original material limitations and offering variety of sizes, tone and porosity capable of personalization of designs. Because of it's properties, it is capable to transform and easy to install in comparison to the volcanic stone. Panels can be cut by water jet, tungsten/diamond drill and chainsaw for use as pales, tiles, intersected planes, and any other design.

Panels are available in standard and custom sizes. 


Standard Sizes come in 6 and 9 mm.

*Check availability of Panels by contacting C37 Team.


Magma 04 offers a lot of possibilities in color. You can choose one color or experiment with combinations as well as develop a totally new one. MAGMA comes in 4 monochromatic tones: Light, Medium, Dark and Black. New colors can be experimented and developed for you.



MAGMA 04® texture can be personalized depending on the application and design needs, having a porous or a smooth surface. 


To complete the information on colo and texture consult the current catalogue in the webpage

C37 Material Development can produce panels of MAGMA in personalized color, design and dimensions.


MAGMA 04® is a new material with properties and characteristics that allow infinite applications. 



Casting: Yes

Lamination: Yes

Wood Working Tools: Yes

Metal Working Tools: Yes


Stiffness: Rigid

Structure: Closed

Impact resistance: Good

Surface/texture: Matte, Porous

Transparency: Opaque

Surface Hardness: Hard

Density: p 1.25 g/cm3

Thickness ≥ 5 mm 

Adherence: Estructural

Stabilation time: 40 min


Fire resistance: High

Usage temperature: High

Water resistance: High

Chemical resistance: High

Scratch resistance: Medium

Outdoor use: Yes

Reflectivity: Light absorbing

Stain Resistance: Medium

Thermal Conductivity: High



The behavior of MAGMA 04 may vary depending on its thickness, aesthetic and finishes.

The surface of MAGMA can be restored with soft abrasive tool and cleaner, with supervision of manufacturer for warranty. Some stains can be easily removed with water and soft cleaners.

Damages caused by inadequate use, can be repair by manufacturer without completely replacing the product.

MAGMA is an inert material. Under normal conditions of temperature, it does not emit gas. When burned, it mainly emits carbon gas, and produces a light-looking smoke that does not contain toxic gases.

The color is homogeneous in all its thickness and it’s porosity is just in the outside making it a rigid material with no bubbles in the middle. 


Contact C37 for more information, even though MAGMA supports high temperatures, it must need protection with thermal insulation.

As MAGMA is made up with natural minerals, it may have slight differences in shades between products. As it is a porous material, the surface can absorb substances and provoque stains in the product. Also some chemical products can stain or damage it, for example….

The decay will depend on the contact time. When covered with a special coat, the product will not suffer any damage. Acid cleaners must not be used to prevent them from damaging the product.



MAGMA 04® is compatible with several adhesives and sealants in the market. Repairs, despite being well made and fully functional, may be slightly visible.


The products should have a thickness of 5 mm minimum. We recommend to design with an extra 2 mm for finishings and compression. 
* For applications with critical tolerances, review design with your local MAGMA suplier. 



MAGMA can be purchased in sheets or production through the suppliers. Calling 8115449816 or sending an e-mail to to contact you with C37 Material Development Studio.

*Producing with MAGMA 04® takes up to 3 months. Remember to contact C37 to schedule an appointment to review design, cost and time of production


Cost of production depends on design, thickness, size and finishes. Contact C37 Development Studio for an estimation for your project.


We offer here the most current information available. This document is only intended to give some suggestions for the user. A test should always be made to determine if the materiel is appropriate for a certain application. This information can be modified in light of new knowledge and new experiments. It is impossible to predict the use that each reader will make of this information, but the document can not be considered in any way as an authorization to act under the protection of patent rights, nor as an incitement to infringe these rights.


We are here to answer any question or concern you may have. We also apreciate your feedback which is why we have a Technical Support Team in Monterrey Mexico willing to assist internationally by phone, e-mail or video-call. We can´t wait to work with you.