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Founded in 2014 in Mexico, C37® is the first Latin American design company developing innovation through experiences, brands, products and advanced materials.

Our philosophy is based on multidisciplinarity, exploration and creation of new business opportunities. We systematize creativity through C37 ® Frameworks merging methodologies from Macro Trend Hunting, Customer strategy, ethnography, marketing & design Thinking in order for companies to achieve organic, profitable growth by focusing on 03 critical building blocks: an outside-in approach that puts customers first while analyzing competition, creating a differentiated customer experience and providing custom tools for persuasion efforts. To ensure the right execution with our clients team we provide strategic consulting along the process.

The vision of the company is focused on dissolving the lines between science, technology & art to bla bla bla further developing advanced materials from a design perspective while working together with research and technology centers to develop products with commercial value, using emerging technologies. Through our strategic services and material library, we are creating the future, positioning the designer as the guiding thread between science, engineering and design.

Our work has been shown in Mexico, Tokio, Dubai, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid and New York.


  1. Customer Centricity : Understand & profiling the customers of our clients needs and behaviors by developing segmentation profiles turning their pains & gains into a tangible value proposition for companies.

  2. Differentiated Customer Experience Align your marketing and brand strategy with your overarching business objectives and combine hard metrics with creative magic to build a customer-focused brand identity strategy that goes far beyond cosmetic brand communication in order to count with tools for persuasion efforts.

  3. Strategic Consulting:  Making execution easy, we get involved with your team in order to guarantee success in the handoff and deployment process.

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Design Driven :

Conectando distintas disciplinas desde una perspectiva de diseño en un modelo. 

Future Forward :

Diseño prospectivo / preventivo / nuevos recursos. 

Technology Obsessed :

Creative science / Crear materiales que mejoran el estilo de vida de las personas. 



Nature by numbers: C37 challenges nature by creating new numbers that push forward alternative formulas. "C37" is an abstraction of the golden angle for the Fibonacci sequence, 137.5º, a representation of strategic growth through parallel efforts.

C37 demands Codes of Practices for parallel growth. Its about building a company that will live forever. Dedication and constant learning as a group, creates a system where each individual’s growth generates a parallel effect in the team. Far ahead of debates between artist and designer, we ask bigger questions about our context, embrace technologies, materials, experimentation and theories by eliminating all the distractions that take importance away from the final product, results.

Codes Of Practice : 

  1. Be Resilient: We are a startup company, plans will change faster than weather, we may pivot every 3 months so embrace change, embrace ambiguity, trust your team. Let´s ride this wave!

  2. Be Bold: What we lack in knowledge and experience we make up with audacity, guts, fearlessness and deep seated desire to learn.

  3. Be Proactive : If you are part of the team, make yourself a Ninja. Grow to be your best self, if you don´t know... ask, look for tutorials. You are here to make solutions not problems.

  4. Be Profesional: Nothing in here is personal. This is not about ego - it's about building things. Feedback is crucial. Getting it is part of your personal growth. You want it to be direct, to the point and completely fluff free. If you can´t handle it from your peers, the market will deliver it loud and clear.

  5. Work Smart: Think big, execute small. 1 month at a time, 1 day at a time, 1 task per Pomodoro. As a team, we have a vision, so let's do what will help us get there.

  6. Be Self-Directed: Understand your objective in a task + Analyze your resources (time-money-team) = Resolve. Ship, don´t wait. The roads are littered with the corpses of perfectionists or self doubters, just do your best then ask for help.

  7. Be Confident: We polarize on purpose, its okay we are presenting ourselves as the first material development studio in Latinoamerica, because we are and we will be the best. We must be known for ONE thing, otherwise we will be known for nothing. Trust C37 journey.

  8. Be Optimistic: So stay stupid, any smart person understands that what we want to do may seem impossible and yet we have to be clueless enough to not know how difficult this will be, understand that success wont come easily, it is about trial and error.

  9. Be a Ninja, A-Player or Superstar : Forget about trying to iron your weaknesses. Don´t try to get good at stuff you totally suck at, all you will become is mediocre or "decent." We need you to be completely awesome at the stuff you´re already good at or challenged at a certain project or area. The success of C37 depends entirely on all of the players.

  10. Be Focused: Stay Mindful. Before tackling your To Do List, get your mindset on point. Mental preparation is an undervalued action in success. Slow your energy down and listen to this podcast on your smartphone on your way to work each week. This time is not wasted. You got everything it takes to thrive! We believe in you.

The unexplored is our limit.



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We’re in the business of selling new materials through consultancy / R&D. 





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Great materials exists at the intersection of beauty, function and understanding of our surroundings. 


We are creating the future. 

Every aspect of C37 system embodies who we are as a company and what we offer— unique materials and possibilities for the industry. 

C37 is specialized in research and development of alternative materials connecting industrial design with science and engineering. It focuses on challenging existing materials in order to discover new manufacturing opportunities. We encourage transnational corporations to recycle and reinterpret their waste materials in order to transform them into new materials available for the industry. C37 is building a world where materials respond and adapt to technical, productive and aesthetic needs, reinventing the role of the designer in the industry as a supplier of possibilities.

Parallel growth

C37 is an abstraction of the golden angle for the Fibonacci sequence, 137.5º, a representation of growth through parallel efforts. C37 demands dedication and constant learning as a group, creating a work system where each individual’s growth generates a parallel effect in the team. Far ahead of debates between artist and designer, we embrace all the technologies, materials and techniques we discover, unhindered by specialities or hierarchies that seek divisions. C37 creates a new future by eliminating all the distractions that take importance away from the final product, results.


We push the boundaries of creativity every day. Our Material Development Service helps companies build smart businesses through new product —driven by innovation and design—that deliver powerful products, services and experiences to a highly selective audience. Our brands cater to everyone from the country’s most affluent individuals to beauty and fashion enthusiasts, from design experts to design devotees.

Whether it’s our beautifully produced magazines, our industry events and conferences or our materials library and consulting services, SANDOW informs, inspires and engages discerning consumers and businesses in design, beauty, fashion and luxury.

C37 provides a unique--- build firmly on our belief that developing new and recycled materials is essential to good design. 


Great materials are thoughtful,

and require time, energy, and understanding. It values knowledge, embodies a clear vision for the future, and it builds after multidisciplinary. 


into simple, honest expressions. It transforms powerful ideas into objects and experiences that can be seen, felt, remembered, and shared.

great materials are THE FOUNDATION for a BEAUTIFUL LIFE,

beautiful products and a beautiful planet. In a well-designed material, nothing is random. Each element of the formula is carefully selected to create the best material —creating the perfect material to create beautiful products. 



Our values make us unique and future forward. 

value 1

value 2

value 3



C37 materials are 

Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3




The words and tone we use gives personality and represent to who we are. 





The visual brand is inspiring and confident. It conveys simplicity and invites interaction. It is the design experience, made visual.


The C37 logotype is the official symbol for the studio. It is used only in the introduction of any C37 communication, and not in the body or conclusion. 
The "7" logomark is the informal and decorative symbol. It may be used whenever the identity of C37 is required.

*Note that, while the background color may change, the "C37" logotype is always black or white.

Click on image to download ready-to-use logo. 

Primary Logo.

Primary Logo.

Secondary Logo.

Secondary Logo.

MAGMA® logo.

MAGMA® logo.


brand typefaces

Typography plays a critical role in establishing the tone of C37’s brand expression. The system is built around three typefaces, all strategically picked to complement and balance one another.

C37 uses the Gotham, Proxima Nova Alt and Adobe Caslon Pro family.

Headline and body

  • Gotham is highly readable and bold, confidence with a sense of play. At large sizes, use in Bold weight all caps, commands attention and interest. As body copy in regular/book weight, it remains legible and user-friendly. Use 

  • Proxima Nova Alt (regular) for alternate body text.

Subtitle, details

  • Adobe Caslon Pro is soft and inspiring. Use in italics for quotes and secondary titles body and in italics all caps for alternate titles body. 

Tracking and leading 

Change the tracking and leading depending on the use to make it proportional, readable and appealing.

body text

  • Use a tracking equal to the letter size x 10. (Example: If your letter size is 6, your tracking is 60) *Tracking is the spacing between letters. 
  • For titles use a tracking equal to the letter size x 10

Download fonts from the drive folder, as they may not be available in your computer. 



Bold, scientific and future forward.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 5.03.30 PM.png

C37’s brand colors are a combination of science and design. Cool but also human, clean but also bold, reflecting the brand’s values. 

Undertones are light; Accents are are bold. Colors can be used interchangeably to highlight the connection between science and design.

*Note that, while the background color may change, the "C37" logotype is always black or white.

Use the code HEX when designing. 



Used for text.

  • Use black for titles

  • Use Gray for subtitles.
  • Use Light gray for notes.
  • Use White over black and dark backgrounds. 


      Used for accents and shapes.  *Do not use for text. 

      color combinations

      Combine bold and monochromatic tones depending on the message you want to communicate. 

      * The size of the tone indicates the ratio between colors. 



      Focused on dynamism and creativity, the identity system builds in flexibility for mutable messaging and styles, demonstrating infinite design possibilities within a framework.


      C37 web and printed material. Click to download the editable files.  

      Business cards.

      Business cards.




      Browse our studio visual image moodboard to visualize what a C37 communication looks like.
      Use this as inspiration for banners, covers, posts etc




      All you need to know to share content about C37:


        The things we research and share about. 

        The C37 team

        • Casual photos, smiling, being themselves / Interesting fact about them 
        • NO: Overly serious or arrogant
        • Use the hashtags: #Whoc37 #DreamTeamc37 #LifeatC37
        Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 5.38.22 PM.png

        C37 Working Culture

        • Day-to-day objects / Philosophy
        • Always use white background
        • Use hashtags: #Whyc37 / #Howc37 #LifeatC73 #workingculture
        Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 5.40.51 PM.png

        Material Development

        • Questions about existing materials / Renders / C37 Materials
        • Use hashtags: #RDmatters #newmaterials #industrialdesign 
        Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 3.33.43 PM.png

        Product design

        • Inspiration - Concept - Process - Results
        • Use hashtags: #Whatc37 / #HowC37 #productdesign #NameofProject
        Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 3.31.25 PM.png

        MAGMA 04®

        • Products / specs 
        • Use hashtags: #Magma04 #newmaterials
        Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 3.28.46 PM.png


        What we share and where we share it. We talk about one thing in all of our channels, in different ways depending on who is reading it. 


        Directed to potential clients. Used for selling:

        • Portfolio of projects
        • Services we offer
        • About, story of the company and team
        • News, invitation to events
        • Articles about: Production of projects, experience of projects, importance of materials


        Directed to potential clients. Mainly used for:

        • Sharing our work
        • News, Invitation to events
        • Articles about: material innovation, sustainability, circular economy. -- Connected to services


        Directed to the community. Mainly used for:

        • Sharing invitations to events -- Share from webpage
        • Posting event photos -- Album 
        • Articles about: material innovation, sustainability, circular economy. 


        Directed to the community. Mainly used for:

        • Invitation to events
        • Covering events -- instastories
        • Sharing project's process and results.
        • Day to day and working culture.
        • Celebrating our team.
        • Educating about the importance of RD of new materials.

        Templates for social media

        Click on image to download the editable files. 

        Instagram stories.

        Instagram stories.

        Facebook and webpage invitation. 

        Facebook and webpage invitation. 

        How to make GIFs?

        1. Create images in .jpg in PSD
        2. Use gifmaker to create GIF and download animation
        3. Use giphy to share GIFS on facebook and instagram.