Process of making with MAGMA 04®?

A lot of work is done before having a product made of MAGMA 04®. Different experts work in each stage to obtain a great result. 


First, the client contacts the studio with an idea he wants to create and the design team gives advice on how this idea will work in MAGMA 04®. The client then sends the blueprints and the production team give feedback on feasibility and costs. If the client does not have a design background, he may ask the studio for the product design service. 



After deciding on the final details of the design that meets the expectations of the client and the production needs, the molds are created. Mainly, the models are 3D printed to obtain perfect details. After having the final model, the optimal mold is manufactured for production and cost efficency. 



After MAGMA 04® is casted, it takes 30 minutes to dry. Final finishes are made by sanding. Other process like cutting with saw, waterjet or drilling can be made at this stage. Barnish and painting may be added. 

Once having the pieces done, the studio and client agree on delivery and if the client requires it, a photo shoot of the products for marketing.


If you have any doubts on the process of creating with MAGMA 04® sen and e-mail to