“A good story that seduces, aesthetic that fascinates, good experiences that are not forgotten.
All these details together make moments worth our while...”

Selling your creative idea to a client is not impossible, but sure it can take up some work. Everyone wants to tell a great story. One that becomes the main obsession of your client, that idea that captures their attention.

Last week I attended a conference by Ignacio Cadena, Creative Director of C + A, Cadena Asociados. The ANAMTY described his work as a pioneer between art and science, which had lead them to understand why people outside the creative atmosphere don´t understand the value of design.

He revealed how to sell disruptive concepts showing examples of their work, ideas and the challenges they have faced as a team.

One of the main subjects was related with the communication between designers and clients. As authors, artists or makers it is our job to figure out how to sell our work. We should be able to explain why with our knowledge and tools we can add value to their business. 

Design has the real ability to change the world by shaping the way we understand it and the way we live in it.
— Ignacio Cadena

So, according to Ignacio, in order to tell a great story, for a great product, there are some basic aspects you have to consider:



Start from the raw concept. What should the product make your client feel? Then make that message evident. The object has a language that should go simultaneously with the form and function. When the value is not expressed through the use of language, the object loses attraction and changes meaning. Explore the nature of the concept, give it some identity, until you can display it. 


Design is more than aesthetics. Good design is not an art piece. Everything should be strategically thought. Details are crucial so that the object can fulfill its task (emotional and technical). Take your time, share your proposal with external teams.  Don’t forget to keep your design process in order so that you can communicate it. Involve your client in the creative process, generating empath of what design actually costs.


Break down barriers, don't be afraid of the unknown.  As designers we have our creativity to solve this problem. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and own it. Experiment the weird, the wild and the uncontrollable so that this can help you figure out and solve paradoxical feeling. 

That paradox should be your muse. Every project is a new adventure, whatever your client ask to solve, get yourself into it.  Empathize and transform. Link your project with that new feeling and make it an outcome. Something brave that will get you to a fascinating result. 


You can not amaze your client if you can't amaze yourself. The idea/creation that will be your power source can´t be weak. Just as we must fall in love at first with ourselves to love and be loved, so it must be done with our design proposal. Ignacio Cadena insisted that a good reference for selling your idea is to use hero's journey model to inspire it.


A good story sells, but nothing sells better than great results. Always think bigger than the brief your client gives you. Don´t miss the opportunity to offer more and succeed by proposing something colossal. 


Consider this 5 points, and remember that time is the most valuable resource on anybody´s life, so make it worth it. 

Article by Yamile de la Garza.

Material Library Leader.