MAGMA is the material number 4 of the material library of C37, a liquid stone-like material for designers, artists and architects to open their possibilities when designing.

MAGMA is the first material developed by C37, a liquid volcanic stone that can be casted into any shape. This new material imitates volcanic stone in appearance & texture, but its process of obtaining and transforming as well as its physical and chemical characteristics, allows new applications.

The formula is conceived in a liquid state and transformed into a solid state by casting, allowing designers to create organic forms made out of a mold, or even create intersected plane designs by cutting them from a sheet (like if it was wood). The advantage of MAGMA is that it’s color, texture and porosity is the same as the volcanic stone. However, it’s 20% lighter, it’s less expensive and it can reach lower thickness without breaking. The main features of this new material include malleability, lightness, resistance, and it’s ability to connect with other materials.

With MAGMA, designers can choose the color and texture, resulting in a personalized material for developing unique products.