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A liquid stone-like material WITH COLOR for CREATIVES.


D O  Y O U   L O V E   N A T U R A L   C O L O R S ?   C E R A M I C S ?   T E R R A Z Z O ?  


Having an identical monochromatic liquid stone is not enough, now we made MAGMA 04 ® in colors.

MAGMA 04 ® is a liquid formula that defies the nature of stone, developed by C37 studio. It enhances the basaltic stone, better known as "lava stone" and it emulates it in appearance & texture. 

Inspired by the love of color found in nature and other cultural elements MAGMA 04® Colors is available! Some natural stones in our surroundings are in color but as it is an organic element the precision of the color swatches are almost random, which is why we wanted to develop a formula that can adapt to your dream color palette. 

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color palettes

Choose your favorite swatches of MAGMA 04® from the color palettes designed by C37:

Nature and Ceramics.


Note: The tones are not exact, they will change due to porosity and texture of the stone.


create a unique color. 

Stand out by using unique materials. With the help of our material development team we can help you create the perfect color swatch. Send in an image of the tone you wish, concept, moodboard or color palette and we will develop it for you.

the new terrazo

Make your projects unique by developing your own terrazo like MAGMA 04 ® stone. Send in a concept, moodboard or color palette and we weill create an original material finish for you.


*If you have any questions or sugestions please dont hesitate to ask our material developmet team by sending an e-mail to hello@c37.mx