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MAGMA 04® BY C37

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how our r&d service created THE NEW LIQUID STONE.

As our core activity we practice research and development to create new materials.

After analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of the Lava Stone, our objective for this material was:

To develop a liquid formula that defies the nature of stone.

C37 generates possibilities by studying, recycling & re-designing new materials for companies by researching trends, experimenting, prototyping, testing and selling new materials that provide possibilities for the industry.






material analysis

Successful materials come from necessities.

MAGMA was born while working in the project Copper Catalyst , a set of infusers designed and produced for Absolut Elyx. 

The client wanted the product to be made out of volcanic stone, a material that comunicates Mexican Raw-Luxury. After prototyping and testing the material it did not comply with the needs of the project. The material was heavy, fragil, hard to transform and expensive.

After looking in the market for a substitute material and having no success, C37 decided to develop MAGMA 04®: The new liquid stone. 


material ideation

Designing unique proposals.

Nesessities are covered, by translating the needs into characteristics of the material proposal. 

The design team with the help of experts of disciplines such as chemistry, ingeneering and artisans develop formulas that complies with the necessities of the challenge by researching materials and experimenting. The creative department defines how the material is going to look like and the production department how it is going to work and be produced.

For MAGMA 04®, a set of properties and aesthetic guide was made for production to reproduce in the material.

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material development

bringing dream materials to life.

This is the time where ideas come to life. A team of diverse diciplines work together to test and land the formula. The final properties are defined for people to learn the benefits and limitations of using the material.

Properties and characteristics
Design guidelines and limits
Handling and care




exploration of uses in the industry.

Prototyping products with material applied to test market response, viability  


selling the formula

auction and material comercialization.


Licencia / exlusividad de uso para distintas industrias 

Guia de uso 



After months of understanding, researching, designing, and testing MAGMA 04@ is developed.
 Since launching in 2016, The New Liquid Stone has positioned the C37 as a studio specialized in material development in the mexican market and has been awarded in platforms and sold for production in several industries.