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magma for c37

C37 lab works on researching trends, experimenting, prototyping, testing and comercializing new materials, providing options for designers and architects to exceed expectations with the use of smart, unique and beautiful materials.  


Having few material options in the market, C37 developed MAGMA, a plastic based stone-like material for designers, artists and arquitects to open their posibilities when designing.

MAGMA was born while designing the product Copper Catalyst for Absolut Elyx. C37 and Elyx wanted to use the volcanic stone, a material that comunicates Raw-Luxury. But after prototyping, testing, and listing the material it did not comply with the needs of the project. The material was heavy, fragil, hard to procue and expensive.

This is when the Material lab developed MAGMA: a liquid volcanic stone. 

MAGMA is a compound material of liquid origin that defies the nature of the volcanic stone. Imitates the stone in appearance & texture,  but its process of obtaining and transforming, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics allow new applications.

MAGMA results in a personalized material for developing unique products. The formula is conceived in a liquid state and transformed into a solid state, allowing designers to create organic forms made out from a mold or even create intersected plane designs with Magma by cutting them from a sheet like if it was wood. With this material, designers can choose the color & texture.

The material comes in liquid form and transforms into solid, allowing designers to create organic forms made from a mold or laser cut them from a sheet.