C37 ®


for unique spaces and products.


an advanced stone surface, made with a new generation formula called magma®. Specially designed for interior surfaces, objetcs and furniture.

This product help architects and designers create outstanding spaces and products with strong visual values. This surface material is highly resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof and lightweight. Prices of MAGMA® Panels are quoted on demand, customizable for each project depending on the quantity of panels requested, color hue, finish and date of delivery.

the colorful stone.

Available in a range of colors, finishes and dimensions for every architects dream. Magma® Panels create visually impactful and immersive spaces that enhance the value of any project.


Magma® is designed in two textures, High Porosity and Low Porosity. Choose depending on the look, feel and application of your product.

high porosity

Unlike other similar materials, Magma® is designed to feel just like stone. The High Porosity Finish feels the same as basalt. Its pores are just on the surface, having a solid inside for major strength. Ideal for any interior project.

Low porosity

The Low Porosity Finish has minimum pores on the surface, while keeping the basalt aesthetic appearance. A softer surface to the touch.
Ideal for kitchen table tops and any project that needs a smooth surface.
The surface of this finish has minimum pores, maintaining the nature of material.

*To create a 0% pores or polished surface ask for the exclusive material development.



Prices of MAGMA® Panels MAY BE customizable for SPECIAL projectS depending on the quantity of panels

requested, color, finish and date of delivery. for wholesome pRICE please contact C37.

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