R&D OF MAGMA 04® for awards


MUJER TEC + tec de monterrey


a celebration to women's leadership.

Through the Research and Development of MAGMA 04® formula, C37 helped Tec de Monterrey represent the power and importance of women in the industry with the design of Mulier Amet, the design for Mujer Tec 2018.
Mulier Amet commemorates the innovative women through the innovation in materials, consisting on a design sculpture made with MAGMA 04® The New Liquid Stone in the Ceramics Pallete.


about c37 material development

C37 Material Development Studio is focused in creating new materials. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, they challenge existing materials and discover new manufacturing opportunities by connecting industrial design,  science and technology. 

new material by c37 :  MAGMA 04® the new liquid stone. 

Through the C37 R&D Methodology,  MAGMA 04 ®  was developed. It is the first material developed by C37;

A Liquid Formula that Defies the Nature of Stone.

It enhances the Basaltic stone, better known as "lava stone" and it emulates it in appearance & texture. Its origin and manufacturing process, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics allows new applications that can't be obtained with the natural stone.  The formula is conceived in a semi-liquid state and transformed into solid state.

Unlike Basaltic stone, MAGMA 04® can be casted in a mold, allowing designers to create organic shapes & forms. The composite hardens in a short amount of time,  making production time faster than the natural stone. Details and finishes are handcrafted, creating unique products. 

A Stone Inspired by Ceramics.

This project used MAGMA 04® representing the power and impact of women in texture, and innovation in color.

MAGMA 04, Dry Ceramic shade. 

MAGMA 04, Dry Ceramic shade. 


about the client

Mujer tec - tec de monterrey. 

To recognize the trajectory of women in the industry during the International Women's Day, Tecnológico de Monterrey rewards the achievements of women in the institution by The Women's Tec Award. The project is led by the Department of Women and Business which supports the professional development of women through information about organizations and institutions that help them plan and carry out their professional, personal and family careers.

It is the opportunity to distinguish the contributions of women from the Tec Community, their professionalism and passion for what they do, which make them an example of leadership


inspired by womEn.

Mulier Amet, Latin for Challenging Woman, is the name of the 2018 award, coordinated by the Humanities area of the ITESM university, designed by C37. In this edition commemorating innovative women through their new formula MAGMA 04®: The new liquid stone.

Aiming to design a piece that celebrate women in the institution, Mulier Amet is a sculpture that represents women as a catalyst for change. A piece that celebrates them as autonomous and powerful and leaders, with key participation in their community, made with the first material belonging to the library of the studio C37: MAGMA 04 ®, the new liquid stone.

The design is inspired by "The girl without fear" by Kristen Visbal; A symbol of women's leadership, the challenging and empowering position of the girl is abstracted, translating into an abstract and timeless design. The lines are strong and ascending. 

Mulier Amet is a piece that embodies the power of women. A piece that gives voice, that inspires,
recognizing women and their rights, celebrating the struggle of ancestor women in order to motivate future
generations and their participation in politics, economy and society.

Fearless Girl by Kristen Visbal @NYC

Fearless Girl by Kristen Visbal @NYC


autonomus and strong, made with the liquid stone.


SHAPES in movement

To represent the autonomous, dynamic and in constant movement women. The moving shapes were completed after a process of industrial design, 3D printing, molding and casting.


STONE inspired by ceramics

The use of the new MAGMA 04® stone in white represents the innovation and the weight of the women in a unique and collectable design piece.




Unlike stone, MAGMA 04 can be casted in a mold to create infinite products in a shorter amount of time  (in contrast to the extensive artisanal carving process of the traditional Basaltic stone).

It is a symbol of leadership, it is made of liquid stone in white that represents the innovation and weight of women in a piece of unique design

Project timeline

September 2017

Tec de Monterrey hired C37 Studio to create an award for Premio Mujer Tec made with MAGMA 04® in the color Ceramic. Production took 3 months to be completed. 

march 2018

Premio Mujer Tec took place @Tec de Monterrey during women's day, the 8th of march, awarding 20 women. 



The sculptures are decorating the winners' spaces, reminding them of the importance of their participation in society.