Aiming to design an unforgettable experience of consuming Absolut Elyx, The Copper Catalyst is a set of tea infusers that allow scents and colors of the natural leaves of tea to escape and merge slowly with the translucid vodka by balancing the drink, replicating the ever calming ritual of preparing a tea for yourself but in a nightlife context that can be shared by decorating your martini cup. 

The Copper Catalyst includes a set of 4 individual copper infusers with a shape of pyramid that together form a cube, resting in a MAGMA pedestal, allowing consumers personalize their cocktail while sharing the experience, resulting in a smart and beautiful tool for enjoying vodka.

Copper Stories #4-23.jpg



Unique packaging

The Copper Catalyst comes in a package made from a material from our Material Lab called MAGMA. This material was discovered after experimenting with polymer and other compounds, giving the resistance needed for living in a bar and the aesthetic needed to give a raw-luxury experience.





The Copper Catalyst benefits from its separate infusers, giving the opportunity for people to share the experience while highlighting individually by giving the chance to individually personalize each drink.




smart and beautiful

Unlike other alchohol tools, The Copper Catalyst is an object that infuses vodka in a smart way while giving the consumer a beautiful experience to share.