C37 is the first Mexican Studio focused on research and development of materials. We link industrial design with materials, challenging existing materials and discovering new manufacturing opportunities. C37 has the objective to encourage mexican to become competitive internationally.

Considering the possibilities of material MAGMA 04® , C37 launched the contest "Your design in Milan" where fifteen designers had the opportunity to compete to show their product designs inspired by the unique characteristics of the new liquid stone. The products where co-created between the designer and C37 studio, using alternative design methodologies.

Out of 300 applications, the winning designer are Rohin Bhalia, Paulina Resendiz, Gonzalo Baxter, Laura Valdepeña, Iris García, Daniela León, Melany Barrón, Fátima Rios, Samantha Barrera, Iván Lopéz, Natalia Hernandez, Miguel Angel Avitia, Gabriela Flores, Alejandra López, Gabriel Gornés and Rodrigo Cavazos.  


The collection "Personal Interpretations" was exhibited for the fisrt time in Milan Design Week @Ventura Lambrate and later this year at The Milano in Messico in Mexico City.

This exhibition was open from August 3 to 20, coordinated by Carmen Cordera in her new headquarters of the Mexican Gallery of Design, bringing together the generation of designers that represented Mexico in Milan this 2017 and opening the doors to Mexicans to learn more about what is happening in Mexican design.