In search of creating a meeting point between innovation in materials and industrial design, C37, thanks to the support of the university Tecnológico de Monterrey, generates and potentiates opportunities for emerging generations of designers.

This year we collaborated in an exhibition of pieces designed by students and edited by the studio at Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2017, a space that connects all aspects of design in Mexico bringing them closer to reality.

"We believe that innovation in materials creates possibilities for the creative industries and as a country makes us competitive globally." - Carolina Cantú, Co Founder of C37.

Through the contest "Your design in Milan", four students of Tec de Monterrey had the opportunity to exhibit products of their authorship in Milan Design Week 2017, designing with the first material belonging to the studio’s library: MAGMA 04 ® , a semi-liquid formula that enhances the emblematic Basalt stone in appearance, color and texture. Now, these pieces are exhibited with the aim of validating their designs and promoting development and innovation in materials.

The objectives with this exhibition are:
1. To Foster new opportunities for the field of design through innovation and development of alternative materials.
2. Generate new opportunities for emerging generations of designers
3. Help recognize Tec de Monterrey as a leader and promoter of design and innovation at a global level
4. Position C37 as a competitive global company by exposing and validating designs at an international level.

The 5th edition of Abierto Mexicano de Diseño was held at the rulé Gallery from 18-22 October, and the exhibition will be open untill the 15th of November, allowing the increase of recognition and prestige of the university and the potential of C37 as a leading studio in material development in Mexico.

Photos by Daniel G. M. and Melany Barrón.