So how do you think ego affects or has an effect on the industrial design scene?

We are glad to announce that we are part of the Second Volume of Emerge an intelectual tool that develops a critical judgement on the emerging designers by reading and understanding different opinions on a specific topic from different actors on the professional scene.  

On this edition the topic to discuss was EGO IN DESIGN. 

A controversial topic since designers are know to be ego driven, in this edition the topic is approached from the effects on being influenced by ego on the way you choose to name your studio to the responsibility of humility on a design teacher or the origin of this word in a more philisophical way. y la responsabilidad del profesor de diseño hasta el papel de la humildad en el proceso.

Some of the actors invited to share their opinion and point of view on this topic are:

  1. Christian Vivanco (Industrias Ideal)
  2. Melisa Aldrete (University of the Arts London, Popdots, Merma Editorial)
  3. Guillermo Esparza (CUAAD, Universidad de Guadalajara)
  4. Attanasio Mazzone (NABA Milán, CENTRO Diseño, Cine y Televisión)
  5. Arturo Revilla (Architectural Association, Zaha Hadid Architects, Heatherwick Studios)
  6. Jorge Diego Etienne (JD-E Industrial Design,, Design DECODE)
  7. Dairee Ramírez y Jorge Balleza (UDEM, UANL)
  8. C37 Material Development Studio.
  9. Kaleb Cárdenas (ITESM GDA, Fab Lab Santiago de Chile)
  10. Mariana Pedroza (ITESM GDA)

 Remember to buy this edition or pick up your volume of #EmergeMX at the locations specified on Emerges website or at our studio if you are in Monterrey. 

Let us know what you think!