#lifeatc37 : Trick or Calaverita?

Things got spooky last week when we had a crossover between Halloween and Dia de Muertos at the studio.

As part of our working culture we are actively looking for moments to make our day to day more exciting! We celebrated our mexican tradition of by honoring our past generations, lighting up some candles and eating “Pan de Muerto” while dressing up as our favorite characters or alter egos and bringing some treats and candies.

We went through our working schedule, meetings and workshops in bad ass outfits,It was a nice experiment and surprisingly we worked even better.

We are building the company of our dreams as a team by developing our own working traditions, this simple jet activities make every month an exciting date. Who said working in tech, making new materials & methodologies was boring? Not us!

Carolina  as Cute Bunny.

Carolina as Cute Bunny.

Kike  as a Monster.

Kike as a Monster.

Ritch  as Batman.

Ritch as Batman.

Caro  as a Chola.

Caro as a Chola.

Lucía  as Cat Woman.

Lucía as Cat Woman.

Osvaldo  as The Devil.

Osvaldo as The Devil.

What do you think our costume should be next year?

Send us your ideas to hello@c37.mx