Event: London Design Festival 2018

To showcase the best of Mexican Design in London Design Fair in September, Marion Friedmann Gallery and Galería Mexicana de Diseño invited C37 to showcase Technolitic, a series of products, designed by Mexican designers, produced in the new liquid stone Magma®.


Technolitic is a meeting point between the past and the future, experience, talent and innovation in materials. A vase with organic and unexpected lines that contrast with the technological process of the production. The material used is called Magma®; an engineered liquid stone developed by C37 that improves the emblematic Basalt stone in appearance, color and texture. Instead of following a traditional process of polishing stone, this formula was emptied in specially designed molds based on three-dimensional printed models, achieving vases with finishes in shades of quarry, brick and porcelain with the new color palette of Magma® inspired by materials found in nature and ceramics.

The resemblance to stone and freedom of form that can be achieved with a mold. The piece manages to look like an illusion, defying common sense.
— Carmen Cordera, founder of GMD

Mexico Design Time was a pioneering exhibition and platform delivering hand-picked, first-class Mexican Design to show in London Design Festival.

The exhibition uncovered diverse talent in the creative design culture present in Mexico via the work of around 30 designers, craftsmen and students, more than 100 objects and 200 recent Mexican book publications in architecture, design, craft and art, including a project made with MAGMA, an engineered stone developed by C37.

It was an honor to be part of this collection among talented Mexican designers.

Thanks Marion Friedmann and Galería Mexicana de Diseño for serving as platform for young and upcoming projects to connect with international industry!

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