we just want to define how. We are building multidisciplinary network of makers, doers & dreamers. everyone at the studio is an a - player at something. we need you and in us you can find your dream team. 

To understand better how we can work, please:

  1. Answer the 16 Personality Test and send us your results at hello@c37.mx
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  1. Be Resilient: We are a startup company, plans will change faster than weather, we may pivot every 3 months so embrace change, embrace ambiguity, trust your team. Let´s ride this wave!
  2. Be Bold: What we lack in knowledge and experience we make up with audacity, guts, fearlessness and deep seated desire to learn. 
  3. Be Proactive : If you are part of the team, make yourself a Ninja. Grow to be your best self, if you don´t know... ask, look for tutorials. You are here to make solutions not problems. 
  4. Be Profesional: Nothing in here is personal. This is not about ego - it's about building things. Feedback is crucial. Getting it is part of your personal growth. You want it to be direct, to the point and completely fluff free. If you can´t handle it from your peers, the market will deliver it loud and clear.
  5. Work Smart: Think big, execute small. 1 month at a time, 1 day at a time, 1 task per Pomodoro.  As a team, we have a vision, so let's do what will help us get there.
  6. Be Self-Directed: Understand your objective in a task +  Analyze your resources (time-money-team)  = Resolve. Ship, don´t wait. The roads are littered with the corpses of perfectionists or self doubters, just do your best then ask for help. 
  7. Be Confident: We polarize on purpose, its okay we are presenting ourselves as the first material development studio in Latinoamerica, because we are and we will be the best. We must be known for ONE thing, otherwise we will be known for nothing. Trust C37 journey. 
  8. Be Optimistic: So stay stupid, any smart person understands that what we want to do may seem impossible and yet we have to be clueless enough to not know how difficult this will be, understand that success wont come easily, it is about trial and error. 
  9. Be a Ninja, A-Player or Superstar : Forget about trying to iron your weaknesses. Don´t try to get good at stuff you totally suck at, all you will become is mediocre or "decent."  We need you to be completely awesome at the stuff you´re already good at or challenged at a certain project or area. The success of C37 depends entirely on all of the players. 
  10. Be Focused: Stay Mindful. Before tackling your To Do List, get your mindset on point. Mental preparation is an undervalued action in success. Slow your energy down and listen to this podcast on your smartphone on your way to work each week. This time is not wasted. You got everything it takes to thrive! We believe in you.

We see greatness within us, remember that the unexplored is our limit. 

Thank you very much!

Stay awesome!