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an achromatic dinner experience.

Through the Research and Development of MAGMA 04® food-safe formula, C37 collaborated with Tinkah in the design and production of a dishware collection for Gray Area; a pop-up dinner experience where food, experience and material design meet at INKED during Dubai Design Week 2017.


about c37 material development

C37 Material Development Studio is focused in creating new materials. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, they challenge existing materials and discover new manufacturing opportunities by connecting industrial design,  science and technology. 

Their services help those who want to be competitive through the use of alternative materials by recycling, re-designing, or inventing new formulas, avoiding saturated waste allocation and gaining new business opportunities .

new material by c37: magma 04® the new liquid stone

Through the C37 R&D Methodology,  MAGMA 04®  was developed. It is the first material developed by C37;

A liquid formula that defies the nature of stone.

It enhances the Basaltic stone, better known as "lava stone" and it emulates it in appearance & texture. Its origin and manufacturing process, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics allows new applications that can't be obtained with the natural stone.  The formula is conceived in a semi-liquid state and transformed into solid state.

Unlike Basaltic stone, MAGMA 04® can be casted in a mold, allowing designers to create organic shapes & forms. The composite hardens in a short amount of time,  making production time faster than the natural stone. Details and finishes are handcrafted, creating unique products. 

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A food-safe formula

MAGMA 04® is now made for the kitchen. Developed for tableware, kitchen counters and other food related products, the new formula opens up possibilities for food experience. 

a stone inspired by black and white.

This project used MAGMA 04® in the monochromatic pallete with the colors: White and Dark Gray. 

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ABOUT the client


A multi-disciplinary design firm located in Dubai, that creates distinctive concepts, as well as unique expressions by collaborating with thinkers, artists, designers and artisans.


INKED is an experimental space for culinary expression, set in Dubai.
Conceptual dinners, workshops, and creative collaborations are among their endless possibilities.



an achromatic dinner experience

Imagine a world without color. A world where your entire existence was lived in what felt like a film noir
(minus the drama). Picture yourself having to relearn the world. Where you had to find new ways to
differentiate colors from each other, through texture and tonal contrast. Would you still feel the same way
towards familiar objects? Or would all your feelings towards life be monochromatic too?

Grey Area is the first immersive pop-up dinner experience of Dubai Design Week 2017. Through the
mind of designers & chefs, TINKAH & INKED created an experience that welcomed 40 guests each
evening from November 13th – 18th.  

Grey is often known as “the color without color”— its value can shift between light and dark, and change the
way we perceive form. Herein lies the altered aspect of the Grey Area experience, where guests discovered
form without the familiarity of color contrast. Reception and perception of objects will be judged and defined
through a colorless perspective, giving guests the opportunity to experience their surroundings and taste in
a completely different, challenging, and entertaining way. 

The 6-course dinner was served on customized tableware items, specially designed by TINKAH in collaboration with C37. The shapes of the tableware are clearly defined with a balance of aesthetics and functionality, with forms of perfect and organic shapes. Each piece defined grey in its own way.

2 of the tableware designs are made of MAGMA 04®, the new liquid stone; A curved white spatula that creates an unexpected experience of eating and an ergonomic and organic slab made of the gray stone.

Design process.


A beautiful material designed for food.

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The food-safe formula allows products to be in contact with food, making it the beautiful and safe material for tableware. 





Lighter than stone

MAGMA 04® is 25% lighter than Basalt, making it ergonomic for waiters to carry and for diners to enjoy.

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Twisted shapes are possible after a process of industrial design, 3D printing, molding and casting (in contrast to the extensive craftmanship carving process of the traditional Basalt).






Unlike stone, MAGMA 04® can be casted in a mold to create infinite products in a shorter amount of time rather than sculpting in stone. 100 pieces where made for this dinner experience.  



Project timeline


September 2017

Tinkah hired C37 Studio to create a set of tableware made with MAGMA 04® in the food-safe formula. 2 designs where produced, 50 pieces each. Production took 3 months to be completed. 

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november 2017

Gray Area pop-up dinner experience took place in INKED during Dubai Design Week. The event welcomed 240 guests.

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The tableware collection is available for purchase under request. 


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