from technology and lytic.

Through the Research and Development of MAGMA 04® formula in colors, C37 helped La Galeria Mexicana de Diseño share their point of view on new era design with the launch of Tecnolitico.

Tecnolítico is a meeting point between the past and the future, experience, talent and innovation in materials:consists on a set of monochromatic vases made with MAGMA 04® The New Liquid Stone in the Ceramics Pallete.


about c37 material development

C37 Material Development Studio is focused in creating new materials. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, they challenge existing materials and discover new manufacturing opportunities by connecting industrial design,  science and technology. 

Their services help those who want to be competitive through the use of alternative materials by recycling, re-designing, or inventing new formulas, avoiding saturated waste allocation and gaining new business opportunities .

new material by c37 :  MAGMA 04® the new liquid stone. 

Through the C37 R&D Methodology,  MAGMA 04 ®  was developed. It is the first material developed by C37;

A liquid formula that defies the nature of stone.

It enhances the Basaltic stone, better known as "lava stone" and it emulates it in appearance & texture. Its origin and manufacturing process, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics allows new applications that can't be obtained with the natural stone.  The formula is conceived in a semi-liquid state and transformed into solid state.

Unlike Basaltic stone, MAGMA 04® can be casted in a mold, allowing designers to create organic shapes & forms. The composite hardens in a short amount of time,  making production time faster than the natural stone. Details and finishes are handcrafted, creating unique products. 

DSC_0174 copy-12.jpg

a stone inspired by ceramics

This project used MAGMA 04® in the Ceramics pallete with the colors: White Ceramic, Cantera and Brick, giving it a soft and warm feeling. 


about the client

galeria mexicana de diseño. 

in 1990 the Galeria Mexicana de Diseño (GMD) was founded by Carmen Cordera Lascurain. It emerges a forum to bring the designer closer to society and its demands, and provide means to both designer and user, to know the formal and functional aspects of aesthetics and production of objects that are made in Mexico and the rest of the world.

The resemblance to stone and freedom of form that
can be achieved with a mold creates pieces that look like an illusion, defying common sense.
— Carmen cordera, founder of GMD


from technology and lythic.

Aiming to create objects that represent the connection between technology and design, Tecnolitico consists is a collection of four vases with organic, smooth and unexpected forms made with the first material belonging to the library of the studio C37: MAGMA 04 ®, the new liquid stone that with its semi - liquid formula improves the emblematic Basalt stone in appearance, color and texture.

La Galería Mexicana de Diseño sponsors and detonates a commercial opportunity for the emerging talent in design and production.
The project is led by Carmen Cordera, founder of La Galería Mexicana de Diseño, and designed by José Manuel López Berroeta and Benjamín Espinoza Díaz. 


the softer side of stone.





These soft shapes were completed after a process of industrial design, 3D printing, molding and casting (in contrast to the extensive artisanal carving process of the traditional Basaltic stone).




STONE inspired by ceramics

MAGMA 04® formula can change it's color. The new color palette of MAGMA 04® is inspired by shades found in ceramics. 




REsistant to water

It's synthetic formula allows products to be in contact with water, avoiding filtration of liquid and contamination, making it the perrect material for vases. 






Unlike stone, MAGMA can be casted in a mold to create infinite products in a shorter amount of time rather than sculpting in stone. 



Project timeline



July 2017

La Galeria Mexicana De Diseño hired C37 Studio to produce the collection of Tecnolitico with MAGMA 04® in the Ceramics Color Pallette. Production took 3 months to be completed. 


October 2017

Tecnolitico was exhibited at INEDITO in Design Week Mexico @Mexico City. 



The collection is part of the permanent exhibition of La Galeria Mexicana De Diseño  @Mexico City and is available for purchase.


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