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endless possibilities with THE NEW LIQUID STONE.

Through the Research and Development of MAGMA 04® formula, C37 gave the opportunity to 16 designers to be part of the collection Personal Interpretations, inspired by the possibilities of the material.

"Personal Interpretations" is the result of an exercise to unite, reinterpret and imagine the “unimaginable” with the new liquid stone. The collection was exhibited in Milan Design Week and other internaitonal venues. 


about c37 material development

C37 Material Development Studio is focused in creating new materials. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, they challenge existing materials and discover new manufacturing opportunities by connecting industrial design,  science and technology. 

Their services help those who want to be competitive through the use of alternative materials by recycling, re-designing, or inventing new formulas, avoiding saturated waste allocation and gaining new business opportunities .


new material by c37 :  MAGMA 04® the new liquid stone. 

Through the C37 R&D Methodology,  MAGMA 04®  was developed. It is the first material developed by C37;

A liquid formula that defies the nature of stone.

It enhances the Basaltic stone, better known as "lava stone" and it emulates it in appearance & texture. Its origin and manufacturing process, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics allows new applications that can't be obtained with the natural stone.  The formula is conceived in a semi-liquid state and transformed into solid state.


MAGMA 04® is identical in look and feel to basaltic stone. 


It's synthetic formula allows products to be in contact with water, avoiding filtration of liquid and contamination, making it the perrect material for vases.


It's original state is liquid, allowing organic shapes through casting. 


MAGMA 04® is waterproof which makes it a perfect material for vases. 


A Formula developed for dish-ware and counter top use.


It's consistency is semi-liquid, allowing objects to be dipped in it.

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about the designers


C37 opened a contest along with Serial to give the opportunity to emerging talent to showcase their work in Milan Design week. 16 designers from Tec de Monterrey, UDEM, CEDIM, IBERO, UAA, UANL and USA were selected to co-design along C37 studio and present their work in Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week. 

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Aiming to showcase the material's properties and applications at Milan Design Week; C37 invited designers to design objects inspired by the properties of new liquid stone. Personal interpretations consists of a collection of 16 objects made with the first material belonging to the library of the studio C37: MAGMA 04 ®, the new liquid stone.

The product line, was curated & edited by C37. The products celebrate moments, exploration & function in our daily life using new materials. 

Click on the images for more information on products. 

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Project timeline

Since the launch of the collection in Milan, the products have been exhibited around the world, showcasing the properties of MAGMA 04® and opening opportunities for mass production. 

July 2017

Lauch of contest
Mty / Tu producto en Milan

October 2017

Milan Design Week
Milan / @Milan Design Week - Ventura Lambrate

October 2017

Design Week Mexico
Mx City / @Milano in Messico - Galería Mexicana de Diseño


Finalists at Bienal
Mx City / @Bienal -Nacional De Diseño


Products are available for mass purchase development.